Q: How do I become a “Greybeard” member?

A: If you are a man or woman over the age of 55, you are automatically a “Greybeard” member.

 Q: How did you get the name “Greybeards”?

A: The name was floated years ago in jest and it stuck.  Now we have significant name recognition around the world. We’re branded!

Q: Who can participate in Greybeard activities and programs?

A: All of our programs are for those 55+ years old, married or single, man or woman.

Q: How do I sign up to be a Greybeard member and are there dues?

A: If you want to receive notification of all of our upcoming activities, sign up here on the website or write us at Greybeards613@gmail.com.  There are no dues or fees. It’s the biggest bargain on earth!

Q: Does one have to be an anglo to participate?

A: No. We welcome everyone.

Q: What is the hashkafa of the Greybeards?

A: We are proudly Jewish and unabashedly orthodox, but we shy away from categorizing ourselves any further than that. We love all Jews and welcome everyone.

Q: What is your level of Kashrus?

A: We maintain the highest level of kashrut. When having an event or activity at a restaurant or hotel, we prefer Eide Charedis, Rav Ruben, or Rav Landau. When staying in a hotel where these hechsherim are not the norm, we arrange to upgrade to the level of kashrus which meets our standards.

Q:  Does one have to live in Israel to be a Greybeard?

A: Absolutely not! We have participants from far and wide who participate and we welcome them and their friends.

Q: What is the level of difficulty on the trips?

A: It varies. Obviously, we recognize that our participants are not as young as they once were. Some venues do involve walking or climbing, but we try to describe the level of difficulty as accurately as we can. Those who have significant handicap will occasionally skip an event if it is too physically challenging.

Q: How do you pick your tour guides?

A: We think that the tour guide is one of the most critical aspects to the success of a trip. We have been fortunate to find excellent guides who are knowledgeable and interesting.  We are constantly on the search for great guides.

Q: Do you have shiurim on your trips?

A: We sometimes bring a rav or scholar-in-residence on our trips and schedule shiurim into our daily programming. On other trips we have no scheduled shiurim, but there is always time for independent or group learning in the mornings and evenings.

Q: I understand that you are most active in the Ramat Beit Shemesh community. Do you have plans to expand your programming?

A: You bet! Our programming is appropriate for all communities where there are anglo seniors. We hope to expand soon to our fellow seniors in Yerushalayim,  Modiin, and beyond.

Q: Why should I consider a Greybeard Tour in the near future?

A: Our tours are planned knowing the needs and wants of the senior population. We have found that seniors are reluctant to plan and execute trips on their own.  With Greybeards, we do all the work. We plan the full program. That includes booking the hotels, arranging transportation, hiring a guide, preparing for meals, and entertainment. And, we do it at a fraction of the price that one can do this themselves.

Q: What makes Greybeard activities so much fun?

A: We enjoy planning Greybeard activities and our enthusiasm is contagious. We plan outstanding programming that is inspirational, educational, and entertaining. We passionately love Eretz Yisrael and want to share its beauty and bounty with others!