Yosef Jason (left) and Moshe Zelig (Robert) Cohen (right)

About Us

The Greybeard Experience was founded by Yosef Jason and Moshe Zelig (Robert) Cohen. We are a volunteer staff of two, armed with a computer and a spreadsheet. Granted we are not a Fortune 500 company, but what we do have is a modicum of organizational skills, a vision for a community of achdus, and a profound love for this Land and all Jews.

Yosef and his wife Rosalind made aliyah from London twelve years ago. Yosef learns Torah each morning and spends his afternoon in the real estate arena. As a former manager at Marks & Spencer in London, Yosef uses his marketing skills advising others in the area of business management.

Moshe Zelig (Robert) and his wife Jan made aliyah to Ramat Beit Shemesh from Atlanta in 2009. Robert participates in a morning learning chabura and takes advantages of other learning opportunities in the community. He is a practicing physician and practices his medical specialty of Allergy in the afternoons.

In their spare time, both Yosef and Moshe Zelig are consulting and planning the next great Greybeard adventure.