The GreyBeard Experience

The Greybeard Experience…living in Israel at the next level was created almost 10 years ago to provide outstanding programming for the senior anglo (55+) population of Ramat Beit Shemesh.  Since then, we have grown exponentially and we are now attracting participants from all over Israel, United States, England, South Africa, and beyond.

Our programming has been outstanding in every way, with a true balance of ruchnius and gashmius. Our appeal is to members of the religious community who appreciate wholesome programming which meets our halachic requirements. We have a true love of Eretz Yisrael and we try very hard to reflect our appreciation of Hashem’s gift of this land to the Jewish people in all our programming.

The major emphasis of The Greybeard Experience has been on our many trips where we explore the history, majesty, and mystery of this precious land. We offer three day, two night trips, and we will be offering more full-day and half-day trips to the many interesting venues within a short drive to all of us.

Besides our wonderful trips, our programming has included shiurim, concerts, speakers, dinners, and other activities. We are always looking for opportunities to fulfill the needs of our constituency by providing inspirational and stimulating activities.

The Greybeard Experience is the place for anglo residents of Israel or visiting seniors to get acquainted and to make life-long relationships. We welcome you all and look forward to participating with you in an upcoming Greybeard program soon.

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